Programming Humor

A friend of mine claimed to be an expert in computers. Further, he asked me to throw any Computer Science term at him, and he’d tell me its meaning in a jiffy.
I’m going to illustrate a few of the answers that I got from him.

  • Argument: The thing that two people get in when they disagree
  • Function: A procedure to do something; alternatively a party
  • Environment: Surrounding
  • String: A material consisting of threads of some material twisted together
  • Thread: a long, thin strand of cotton, nylon, or other fibres used in sewing or weaving.
  • Statement: Something you say

At this point, I received a call from a batchmate, who was stuck on an assignment. I guess when you say, “Dude! Check if the parent is killing the child correctly” over the phone, it’s bound to raise some eyebrows.

  • Constant Variable: An oxymoron?
  • Bug: A creature that is small and crawls
  • Runtime: Time when you should go for running?
  • Heap: A random stack of objects
  • Python: Obviously a kind of snake
  • RTFM: Kamasutra

Contributions from Dheerendra.