Time Travel Accountability

A few months ago, I wanted to learn a musical instrument.
Borrowed a Guitar from a friend and went through the basics. One night, as I lay awake in my bed, staring at the ceiling fan, I realized it’ll take a while for me to be good at it. The next thought that went through my head was,

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Entering the Next Decade

Hello, 2020! Today is the beginning of a new year and a new decade. While the calendar is a made-up concept, and there’s absolutely no real reason to behave any different, we humans do perceive abstract changes of this nature. This change of date serves as a sort of psychological cache reset - we believe we can leave behind whatever we did before and be different people henceforth - starting today.

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GSoC Pre-Selection: Do's and Don'ts

If you were a mentor, what would you want in a student?

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A Lightweight UI for Medical Visualizations (GSoC 2016)

Currently, if you have an OpenGL interface, you need to use Qt/GTK or some UI library to create a window and focus out of the OpenGL window to do simple UI tasks like fill forms, click on a button, save a file, etc. Our idea is to get rid of the external interfaces and have the UI built in.
So, all the interaction happens within the 3D world interface.

Currently, no library in Python offers such a functionality, much needed during scientific visualisations.
So, we built this cross platform minimal interface on top of VTK, which provides a very simple but powerful API, and can be tweaked to create futuristic interfaces.

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A Summer with KDE (GSoC 2015)

It seems like yesterday when I was an open source newbie on IRC, equipped with the knowledge of programming in C++, learnt through university courses. Little did I know that writing programs is just the prologue of the process called software engineering. Not wary of things like building, good practices and writing code that doesn’t just run on my machine, but on the machines of all those who are affected by it, I started the summer struggling through cmakes and compiler errors and understanding code that was written well, just not by me.

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Programming Humor

A friend of mine claimed to be an expert in computers. Further, he asked me to throw any Computer Science term at him, and he’d tell me its meaning in a jiffy.
I’m going to illustrate a few of the answers that I got from him.

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Dual Booting Windows with Ubuntu

Dual booting Windows and Ubuntu has always been a painful task. With the advent of Secure Boot this pain has now reached the next level. So what do we do? Using VM isn’t an option thanks to performance issues.

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