Season of KDE 2014 Post #3: Mission Accomplished!

Feb 9, 2015

For the Unininitiated

I started off my Project under Season of KDE 2014 with a motive to design and revamp KDE’s own blog aggregator, PlanetKDE. Initiated by my mentor Jonathan Riddell, back in 2008, this website did an amazing job of scraping off content from KDE’s bloggers.

The Story

Since this was my first experience with Open Source, I initially restricted my interaction with the community, and went on designing and understanding everything myself, mailing my mentor when I was stuck. Around two weeks back, I completed my first draft and I thought it looked decent. Then I was suggested to consult the Visual Design Forum and boy were they and enthusiastic bunch! They suggested loads of changes in the design and patiently helped me as I proceeded.

The Result

And now, the site is live:

To Conclude

This has been a great experience, and one of the biggest take backs was that when you work with various people, on something that will influence various people, you’re bound to learn a lot. I sincerely thank my mentor and everyone else who contributed for the amazing experience. I’ll definitely keep contributing to KDE in the days to come. Hope you all like the new design.

PS: You’re probably viewing this on the new PlanetKDE, I just wanted people to get familiar with the website; so I waited for a week to post this.


Any bug report/improvement/review would be appreciated. You can register the bugs, request features at the KDE Bugtracking System.

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