Season of KDE 2014 Post #1

Dec 2, 2014

The journey with KDE till now has been great with lots of learning involved.

This was my first step to Open Source and unlike many communities that seem intimidating to the beginners, KDE was pretty helpful. KDE works with a wide range of technologies, so you can be sure whatever be your forte, you’ll definitely get something to work on.

Also, one of the things you learn when working with Open Source is that despite a good Computer Science background, there are a lot of things out there that you don’t know and unless you have exposure with working on real-life production-level code, your learning is incomplete.

My project

I started off with something simple. My project is to rebuilt KDE’s blog aggregator, PlanetKDE. I have two broad tasks:

  • Understand how the backend, rawdog is working and upgrade it to the latest version.
  • Build a clean, good-looking front end for PlanetKDE website.

Apart from this, I’m supposed to add social networking feeds to it.


Up till now I have understood how rawdog works (there is a configuration file that does almost everything for the end-user – or in my case end-programmer). I’m yet to put up the upgraded version online.

I have also decided upon a basic structure on how the page should look like. I’ll add a screenshot as soon as I’m done wireframing it.

Also, I have successfully managed to pull up feeds off twitter using its API.

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