Season of KDE 2014 Post #0

Nov 25, 2014

Project Name: Revamp

A Brief Description: For the uninitiated, Planet KDE is KDE’s Blog aggregator, i.e. it displays feeds from the blogs of KDE contributors on one common web platform.

It’s been in existence since 2008, and uses Rawdog (A Python-based RSS Aggregator). It renders all the content on to a single HTML file, which can be customized.

Basically, what I’m trying to do is to revamp the existing website, in the following ways:

Upgrade Rawdog to its newest version Give the website a new look and feel, with mobile compatibility Add social network feeds to it, if the APIs permit

Timeline: So here is what I have roughly planned:

Firstly, I’ll read through the rawdog docs, and try a small implementation locally. Next, I’ll go through the existing source code, and see how it is written, especially the rawdog-HTML/CSS integration. After the basic requirement of aggregating blogs is done, I’ll go through the API documentations of social networking websites and work on the integration with the website, again locally. After understanding how things work in the above two steps, I’ll make a rough mockup of the new design and that can be discussed and improved upon. Then I’ll develop the front-end part of the website After that is done, add rawdog and the social network APIs to it. Finalizing the code, adding finishing touches, adding new features if possible

Status: Currently getting familiar with Rawdog

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