The Slider Works!

Jul 7, 2016

For the past two weeks I have been stuck with the slider, with a weird bug here and a weird bug there, VTK/Python version issues, OS issues, etc. I installed Ubuntu to find out more about it, and changed to Python2.7.11-VTK6.3.0, like everyone else.
It’s all been fixed, except the one in the last blog post. It seems like a VTK-7 bug or change of API. I have posted a question on Stackoverflow regarding the same, I’ll fix it as soon as I find how to do it.

Another modification to the slider is the text actor. It now is a standalone object, catering specifically to the Slider. Doing so also fixed a bug that I had with VTK-6.

The final modification, putting a nail in the coffin for the line clicking issue (someone had faced it previously too). I did this by constructing a thin rectangle using polygons. As correctly pointed out by my mentors, it’s probably because a line is composed of two points and OpenGL events probably work with triangles.

Here’s how it now looks like.

The Slider

We’re finally done with the slider and it’s time to move on to the next task.

PS: I passed the mid-term review. It was a team effort ^_^.