#0 Dot Init

May 23, 2016

This past month, I have been working hard to get familiar with (my mentors harder to get me familiar with) one of the largest visualisation engines available on the web today. VTK, while being very powerful, is a tad low on documentation, and that has resulted in a slower start than I expected. This week I worked on a small UI element.

A button (grey) and a cube (red)


Here’s how VTK’s visualisation pipeline looks like:

Image Courtesy: Visualization Toolkit ( VTK ) Tutorial

Here are the resources I am using:

Creating a button

My first task is to create the most basic visual interface element one can think of - a button. Since we need more control over how the UI should look like, we’re going to have to do something more than using the built-in button widget.
Currently, I’m using an ImageActor. But since I need to create an overlay, I’ll be needing a 2D actor instead of a 3D one. That’s what I’ll be doing next. Here’s how it looks like currently:

A button click moves a cube

I’m maintaining the code here.

Next Steps

Next up, I’ll be getting this button to work as a 2D overlay and also working on its positioning. Furthermore, I’ll be working on 3D sprites that always face the camera.