GSoC Post #7: KCM Access Done!

Aug 5, 2015

It’s been a while since my last post, but that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been any progress. So, last I was working with K3b to install codecs. Well, while after loads of issues, I finally got it to build and compile properly, but then, we noticed that K3b still uses Kdelibs4. So that means, Packagekit-Qt4 will have to be used. But since my machine wasn’t equiped with Packagekit-Qt4 or Kdelibs, I thought of moving over to an application that uses KF5.

KCM Access

KCM Access has a nice screen reader tab wherein you can begin the on-screen narration. It has a checkbox which remains that way, even if the screen reader isn’t installed. So my task here was to add a button to install orca if it isn’t already and disable the checkbox in this case. Again, this button would install orca via PackageKit-Qt5 using the method similar to the one previously used.

It’s done and under review!

Next Up

As soon as this is reviewed, I’ll go over to the next application, which as of now can be any of KCM Locale or K3b.

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