GSoC ’15 Post #2: More Packaging and Compiling

Jun 25, 2015

The previous post had a small section wherein I described code packaging and publishing. I had thought that that part was over and proceeded with using the packages for further work. After lots of unsuccessful attempts and shots in the dark, a discussion with my mentor brought to light the fact that there was some issue in the packages I had created and therefore, the code using those wasn’t compiling. This set me back by almost a week, and then, after successfully packaging libpackagekit-qt5, I managed to compile a small application that uses it.

Now, the next task allotted was to figure out how PackageKit works, and after some discussion on #PackageKit and using the documentation (which I have mirrored here), I have embarked upon the task of making things work using it and understanding how it works properly, as it forms the core of the whole project – along with Appstream.

After this is done, I’ll start working on Appstream, post which, I’ll be using these libraries on Dolphin.

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