Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2015 with KDE

Apr 28, 2015
TAGS:   #gsoc #kde

I have been selected for GSoC 2015.
I’ll be working with KDE and my project would be to implement an interface for installing 3rd party plugins across multiple KDE applications. I’ll be mentored by Jonathan Riddell.

Implementation Ideas

On a particular application, I’ll be using appstream (or something similar) to find the package names to be installed. Then, using packagekit, I’ll implement the functionality on that application. Packagekit is a library that provides an easy interface for installing and updating software on any distro.
Doing this on each of the listed applications would revolve around the same concept, but since these applications are coded differently by different people, they’ll have to seen through individually.

Expected Results

The following pieces of software will be able to install the packages they need:

  • dolphin file share install samba (extra bugfixes might be needed here)
  • kcm access to install orca
  • gwenview to install kipi-plugins (needs to be researched)
  • kcm locale should install kde-l10n-xx
  • kickoff to implement package install like kicker
  • k3b to install restricted-use codecs (on ubuntu at least)
  • Other applications like dragon and amarok to install mp3 and mpeg plugins (will be done if time permits)
  • Plasma wallpaper config should have a button to install plasma-wallpapers-addon (again, will be done if time permits)

All this would be done in a way which works for the major distributions.

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