Problem Statement

To render a transformer in Renderman with the following effects:

A more detailed problem statement can be found here.

Code Structure

The code has been modularised into separate RIB files and using the ReadArchive command we patch the files together. Shaders are organised in SL files. A caustic map is separately generated as caus.cpm from caus.rib A makefile compiles everything and generates an image.


How to Run

To run the code, simply use the makefile with the command:

You can see the resultant .tif file generated by running:
sho display-transformer.tif
To clean up the generated files and the image generated, do a
make clean

Shader Details

We use the following shaders in this assignment:

Effects Details

The following required effects were achieved in the assignment:


The following image was generated:

The generated tif can be downloaded from here.