Hello there!

I'm Ranveer Aggarwal.
I spend my weekdays writing code for Microsoft and waste my weekends tinkering around with various technologies, new and old.
When not writing code, I enjoy board gaming and reading books.

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Quoi de neuf?

// Yes, this won't compile.
list_of_stuff.map((key, values) => print(key, values.sort(schemes=['new', 'favorite'])[:3]))

Books: Predictably Irrational | Sapiens | What if?
TV Series: Doctor Who | WestWorld | Silicon Valley
Programming: Graphics | Deep Learning | Rust

Contact Me

Contact me at me@<first_name><last_name>[dot]com if you:
- Wish to collaborate on a cool idea
- Want to chat about life, universe and everything else
- Need advice on programming, open source, etc.