Hello there!


I'm Ranveer Aggarwal.
I currently work as a software engineer at Microsoft India.
I recently graduated from IIT Bombay (2016).
I waste my time in programming, gaming and reading (mostly) fiction.

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What's new?


I have embarked on the journey to become a Rustacean. It was about time. I am trying to code up solutions to ctci on Rust. You can look up updates on ranveeraggarwal/rust-ctci. Expect a blogpost soon :)

Website Update

I am working on making the website you're currently on, better. Both for me and you. I am switching to a complete yaml-based data feeding approach. Yes, a lot was hardcoded back then :/


I am trying to learn standard touch typing to improve my typing speed. I am using typing club as my primary resource.

Currently Working on


I'll be making a bunch of PRs in the upcoming weeks.


This is an attempt to learn rust and brush up on algorithms.


A snippet sharing platform for enterprise.

Latest Posts

Dec 9, 2016

Originally, an answer to What do mentors see in a participant while selecting them for GSoC? on Quora. If you were a mentor, what would you want in a student? As a participant, you are completely unknown to a mentor....

Aug 19, 2016

Currently, if you have an OpenGL interface, you need to use Qt/GTK or some UI library to create a window and focus out of the OpenGL window to do simple UI tasks like fill forms, click on a button, save...

Apr 27, 2016

I have been selected for Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2016. I’ll be working on a SciFi UI using Python-VTK under DIPY (Python Software Foundation) and I’ll be mentored by Eleftherios Garyfallidis and Marc-Alexandre Côté. DIPY is a python toolbox...